Ever Ask Yourself, What Is My Body Type?

When you discover the answer to "What Is My Body Type?" it will help you Personalize your Food Choices based on the uniqueness of you.

We all know that diets are only a quick fix solution to a major problem "Obesity" and only deals with the physical aspect of weight loss.

Body Typing helps you understand not only the Physical, but also the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual side to achieving a Healthy Weight and body.

I personally have followed the Body Type Diet for many years with Great Success.

Learn what your Body Type is by following these 3 steps...

Step One: Determine Your Weight Gain Pattern

Based on the book "Different Bodies Different Diets", Dr Carolyn Mein Discovered 25 Different Body Types and their corresponding Weight Gain Patterns.

According to her extensive research she explains how Weight Gain Patterns are a good indication of which organs are stressed and the necessary dietary changes that need to occur to bring the body back into balance.

The first clue to answer the question to "What Is My Body Type"or Dominant Gland? is your Weight Gain Pattern. Where do you gain weight first? Another way to put it is, what area of your body holds on to stubborn weight?

Try To Remember.....

Where you first started to gain weight and in what particular order. Look at the list below and begin to narrow down your Body Type based on your Initial Weight Gain Pattern.

  • Upper Body Weight Gain - refers to the bra line or chest and up, including the back and arms.
  • Lower Body Weight Gain - refers to the waist, lower abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs.
  • Entire Body Weight Gain - refers to all over the body, evenly distributed.

Lower Body Only


Entire Body Then Lower


Lower Body Then Upper

Nervous System

Upper Body Then Lower


Step 2: Muscle Testing Will Help You

Answer The Question To "What is My Body Type?"

When I worked as a Lifestyle Coach I discovered a Quick and Easy way to determine your Body Type within minutes by using Muscle Testing.

Muscle Testing is a simple technique that can help you discover your Body Type by using your bodies own Energy and Electrical System.

Watch this Quick Video and you will see how easy it is to learn this technique.

Now go to the List of Body Types according to your Weight Gain Pattern and ask yourself the question, What Is My Body Type?

Call Out the name of each Body Type on the list, then muscle test. You should get a Strong Arm test when you find your Body Type.

Step Three: Verify Your Body Type By Your Personality Profile

Answer the questions in the Personality Questionnaire. If you answer Yes to most of the questions you have Found Your Body Type.

There you will also find Weight Loss Tips and Best Food Choices according to your Body Type.

If you desire More Information on this topic, I highly recommend you purchase the book "Different Bodies Different Diets" by Dr Carolyn Mein. I think you will find it very interesting.

Once you answer the question of "What Is My Body Type" it will help you fine tune your food choices based not only on the Blood Type Diet, but also your Body Type.

If you are still unable to discover what your Body Type is with the above information, I recommend you take an Online Test for both men and women with Carolyn Mein.

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