How to Boost Metabolism With Metabolic Typing.

Before I talk about how to boost metabolism and restore it back to normal, let us first try to understand The Top Three Reasons for a slow metabolism.

  1. Crash Dieting
    When you drastically reduce the required amount of food your body needs on a daily basis with chronic dieting it kicks your metabolism into starvation mode.

    Starvation stresses the adrenal glands and creates a chain reaction that slows the production of your thyroid hormones that support fat loss. It increases the thyroid hormones that promotes fat storage, especially around your belly, thighs and butt.

    When you starve your body by not eating your body will find the energy it needs by eating your muscle first. This is why weight loss becomes very difficult because you need your muscle to efficiently burn fat.
  2. Inactive Lifestyle
    One of the chain affects of crash dieting is a sluggish thyroid which contributes to having no energy, especially for exercise. Restoring thyroid and adrenal function with healthy protein, fats and carbohydrates is key to restoring your energy levels. The question becomes what are the best choices for your metabolic type. I will get to that in a moment.
  3. Whole Grains and Gluten
    When you consume foods such as bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, muffins, and chips on a daily basis you are destroying your metabolism. The reason is these grains contain gluten, starch, and phytic acid.

    Gluten causes inflammation in your body and is known to be the root cause of all diseases. Starch turns into sugar and prevents fat burning. Phytic acid binds to minerals and prevent you from the nutritional support your metabolism needs to operate efficiently.

    Choosing better options for snacks such as fruits and vegetables, 1 slice of sprouted Ezekiel or sourdough bread, or gluten free flour such as coconut flour will support your metabolism in the best possible way.

Discover How to Boost Metabolism With The Metabolic Type Questionnaire

There are 3 Metabolic Types in general. This is not an exact science, however I have found it to be a useful tool when deciding how to boost metabolism by eating the most beneficial ratio of protein, fats and carbs for your unique metabolism.

It is time to realize that constant dieting, excessive exercise, and stress play a major role in the way your body utilizes calories. Give yourself the freedom to explore the idea of making different food choices according to your metabolic type.

Protein Type Qualities

  1. Do you gain weight when you eat too many carbs?
  2. Do you have have a strong appetite at breakfast?
  3. Do you feel satisfied and energetic when you eat a heavy breakfast like eggs, sausage, hash browns and toast?
  4. Does coffee affect you in a negative way?
  5. Do you have a strong appetite at Lunch?
  6. Do you have a strong appetite at dinner?
  7. Do you do well with a heavy meal for dinner?
  8. Would your dessert preference be something fatty and heavy like cheesecake or French pastries?
  9. Do you like to eat 3 meals or more a day with snacks?
  10. Do you love and crave fatty foods?
  11. Do you feel energetic and satisfied after you have eaten a Heavy-Fat-Meal?
  12. Do you often want or need to snack between meals?
  13. Do you tend to be social, extroverted and a "people person"
  14. Do you love and or crave salt on your foods?
  15. Do you do well in a cold climate and poor in a hot climate?


How to Boost Metabolism With Protein Type Food Chart

Carb Type Qualities

  1. Do meats and fatty foods cause you to gain weight?
  2. Do you have a low, weak or lacking appetite at breakfast?
  3. Is your ideal breakfast either no breakfast or something light such as fruit and toast, or cereal and milk, or yogurt?
  4. Do you do well on coffee as long as you don't drink too much?
  5. Is your appetite for lunch typically low, weak, or lacking?
  6. Is your appetite around dinner usually low, weak, or lacking?
  7. Would your ideal dinner be Something light like skinless chicken breast, rice, salad and maybe a little desert?
  8. Would your dessert preference be Cakes, cookies, fruit, pies or candies?
  9. Do you like to eat 2 to 3 meals a day and either no snacks, or light snacks?
  10. Do you not care for fatty foods?
  11. Does a Heavy-Fat-Meal decrease your energy and make you sleepy, too full, or cause indigestion?
  12. Do you rarely if ever want or need a snack?
  13. Do you tend to be more aloof, withdrawn, a loner, or introverted.
  14. Do foods often taste too salty?
  15. Do you love warm and hot weather?


How to Boost Metabolism With Carb Type Food Chart

Mixed Type Qualities

  1. Do you gain weight if you eat too much and don't get enough exercise?
  2. Do you have a normal appetite at breakfast, neither weak or strong?
  3. Is your ideal breakfast Eggs, toast and fruit?
  4. Does coffee have no affect on you and you can take it, or leave it?
  5. Do you have a normal appetite at lunch, neither weak or strong?
  6. Do you have a normal appetite at dinner, neither weak or strong?
  7. Do most foods work well for you?
  8. Do you have no preference for desserts and like to choose differently each day?
  9. Do you like to eat 3 times a day and usually no snacks?
  10. Do you do fine on fatty foods in moderation?
  11. Does a Heavy-Fat-Meal Cause no special reaction one way or the other?
  12. Do you occasionally want or need to snack between meals?
  13. Are you pretty average, neither introverted nor extroverted.
  14. Do you have an average like for salty foods?
  15. Do you do well in both hot and cold weather?


How to Boost Metabolism With Mixed Type Food Chart-Primary

How to Boost Metabolism With Mixed Type Food Chart-Secondary

You now have a general idea of how to boost your metabolism by eating according to your metabolic type. I hope this is helpful when you are planning your daily meals.

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