Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Gout

Herbal Remedies For Gout when used properly are very often as effective as medical drugs - or more so - without the side effects, cost, and potential for dependency.

Most important, you need to understand what to Do and what Not to Do when you have a Gout flair up.

Benefits of Herbal Remedies For Gout Are:

  • Less harmful side effects
  • Easy to obtain
  • Non habit forming
  • Builds and restores health.

The Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Gout Are:

1. Bilberry, a highly effective herbal remedy for gout, contains powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation and helps to control insulin levels.

Collagen is the most abundant protein of the body and is destroyed as a result of gout. Bilberry has a collagen stabilizing action and prevents collagen destruction.

Dosage - 1 teaspoon of Dried Bilberry to 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil, and steep for 10 minutes. Drink hot or cold up to 3 times a day.

Bilberry is also available in capsule or tincture form. Look for a standardized to provide 25 percent anthocyanosides and can be taken in the amount of 240 to 600 milligrams per day in divided doses.

2. Burdock, is another amazing herbal remedy for gout. This herb is used for detoxification. It supports the liver and kidneys and destroys impurities in the blood. Burdock also enhances lymphatic drainage. Burdock Seeds act as a natural diuretic to flush out water soluble toxins.

Consistent use of the tea (made from the root or seeds) reduces swelling around the joints and helps rid the body of calcified deposits. This herb will improve digestion and help detoxify the lymphatic system.

Dosage - Adults take 20 to 30 drops (0.5 milligrams) of the tincture or 300 to 500 milligrams of the capsule form 2 to 3 times daily with meals.

3. Cayenne Pepper or (Caspian) is one of the best herbal remedies for Gout Pain. It comes in a cream and has a remarkable and documented ability to relieve pain. Caspian depletes the nerves of substance P, a neurotransmitter that transmits pain messages. You can find the cream at most health food stores.

Dosage - Apply the cream to the affected area 2 to 4 times daily for symptomatic relief. Choose a cream standardized to between 0.025 and 0.075 percent Caspian.

4. Nettle Leaf is a herbal remedy for gout that has been used by European doctors to Reduce Uric Acid build up associated with gout. It can be given every 2 hours to relieve acute gout attacks and works well when taken on a long term basis to prevent uric acid build up.

Dosage - 2 capsules, (freeze dried is best) of 600 milligrams taken 2 to 3 times daily. Nettle-Leaf Tincture is also available, take 30 drops or 0.5 milliliters 2 to 3 times daily. Alternatively you can drink 2 or 3 cups of Nettle Leaf Tea.

5. Turmeric is one of the best herbal remedies for gout as it contains at least two chemicals, curcumin and curcuminoids, that have powerful Anti-inflammatory compounds without side effects and is proven stronger than many medical drugs.

Curcumin is also a rich source of antioxidants that help prevent and reverse cell damage and protects the liver from the damaging effects of many toxic compounds such as drugs and alcohol. It is also known to lower bad cholesterol.

Dosage - The typical adult dosage is 450 to 600 milligrams of Curcumin. If you choose you can purchase a good quality grade of the bulk Turmeric Powder and make your own capsules to save money and ensure quality.

For an infusion to help aid digestion, use 1 teaspoon of Turmeric Powder per cup of warm milk. Drink up to 3 cups per day.

One thing to remember is Herbal Remedies For Gout work extremely well when done consistently over a period of time.

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