Does The Fast Metabolism Diet Work For Everyone?

You are a unique individual with specific dietary needs. The Fast Metabolism Diet is a wonderful foundation that supports the science of how the hormonal system works with metabolism and weight loss. The question that needs to be addressed is will it work for everyone? The answer is not really, let me explain.

Weight gain is the very first symptom that appears when your body is out of balance. Even though you are making good food choices according to what the experts recommend you still seem to be gaining weight. This generally occurs when your digestion and immune system become overburdened.

At this point the strongest gland of the body is your Adrenals and will kick into high gear first. After that your dominant gland, system, or organ will pick up the slack. This is when you will experience food cravings to stimulate your dominant gland, then exhaustion occurs.

Once exhaustion occurs your body will produce hormones that you really do not need and store them as fat in the areas where energy is most blocked. This is why we gain weight in particular areas of our body.

Where You Gain Weight & The Fast Metabolism Diet

When you want to support and boost your metabolism for The Fast Metabolism Diet, consider choosing the foods that best support you in your uniqueness. Our bodies talk to us all the time and tell us what they want. One way to listen and support yourself is to honestly observe where you carry the MOST weight. The following list will help you discover what gland or organ you should support first.

Gland or Organ

  • Intestines
  • Kidneys
  • Large Intestine
  • Liver
  • Pancreas

Weight Gain Pattern

  • Waist
  • Ankles
  • Outer Thighs
  • Torso
  • Upper Hips

There is no perfect diet that works for everyone because of the uniqueness of our individual chemistry. We all are born into this world with our own metabolic profile, blood type and dominant gland, organ, or system that is stronger than the others and determine our physical characteristics, and food cravings.

How would you like to be able have a fast metabolism that will normalize your weight naturally? No will power is involved because you will understand how to feed your body in a way that will support the very core of your being. The key is food combining, timing and balanced nutrition.

At this point we have discovered that there are 25 different body types and in my next article I will talk about how to support the Adrenal Body Type with the Fast Metabolism Diet and food choices.

You might be wondering how do I know What my body type is?  I have answered this question on my website at Read the article to help you discover for yourself what your body type is.

I personally have used the concepts of this diet with myself, family and friends with great accuracy in developing a personalized protocol with targeted results. Now it is time for you to understand what I am talking about.

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