The Ultimate Essential Oil Guide for Everyday Uses

I wrote this Essential Oil Guide to give you a better understanding of the Healing Qualities found only in the Life Force of the plant world.

The Benefits of Essential Oils are amazing when you understand their healing properties and how to use them correctly.

All plants possess the energetic frequencies, or life force for your body, mind, and spirit that can bring ultimate healing for your soul.

The Miraculous Healing Energies Found in My Essential Oil Guide

"Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. There is no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. "Albert Einstein"

On our highest level we are beings of light and energy, or vibration. essential oils carry the exact healing frequencies your organs and cells need to regenerate and renew themselves.

This Essential Oil Guide is a condition specific reference guide for common everyday complaints such as colds, coughs, muscle aches, insomnia, stress, fatigue and pain. 

Essential Oils help restore not only physical discomfort, but the emotional balance that goes with the condition.

Before prescription pharmaceuticals we had plants. Generations before from all around the world used botanical's as medicine with safe and predictable outcomes.

Healing Qualities Found in The Life Force of Plants

The aroma of an organic therapeutic-grade oil purifies the air you breathe by releasing oxygen into the air and inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus & mold.

Research has proven Essential Oils enhance and support your immune system with powerful enzymes, antibodies, and hormones that build up and strengthen your body.

These healing qualities are found only when the oils are properly extracted from a strong and healthy plant that is thriving in its natural habitat and harvested at the correct time of the season.

Scientists also discovered that Essential Oils will help detox your body of heavy metals and chemicals by bonding to them and escorting them out of your body.

A quality oil will nourish your cells like nothing else found in nature. discover for yourself how to use the medicinal strength of the plant to benefit your health in ways that are safe and non toxic.

Emotional Rescue

Fragrance is one of our greatest enjoyments that can bring back memories and trigger a healing response both physically and emotionally, giving you a sense of well-being like nothing else.

Use this guide as a quick reference when you want to diminish stress, promote relaxation, alleviate depression, create feelings of security, or calm your emotions.

I invite you to come and explore the fascinating world of authentic and genuine Aromatherapy and the healing qualities they possess whether inhaled or topically applied.

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