The Best Water Purifier Cleans, Revitalizes, and Energizes

I have discovered that the best water purifier does more than remove unwanted toxins, it also revives the Living Structure of water.

Chronic Dehydration

Water is so important for our survival and yet chances are you may be one of the 75% of Americans who are chronically dehydrated.

In the book "Your Bodies Many Cries For Water" it states that chronic dehydration is the primary cause of health conditions such as ...

  • Headaches
  • Lower Back Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Insomnia & Fatigue
  • Excessive Weight

Water Has A Memory Like An Elephant!

This is a famous quote from Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, a Biophysicist known and respected throughout the world for his interesting discoveries about water.

He provided clear proof that water acts like a liquid tape recorder and is able to receive, store, and transmit information.

This is possible because water molecules have a positive and negative pole causing them to behave like a magnet, forming clusters that are very sensitive to vibrational influences.

The best water purifier available cannot erase the vibrational pattern of toxins and chemicals that are in the water prior to purification because water has a memory, and is either living or dead water.

Water Is An Information Carrier!

For water to be valuable for our health it must contain certain useful frequencies in order for our body to benefit from it.

When water is exposed to pollutants common to our day and age such as Chemicals from households, agriculture and industry, or microorganisms such as Bacteria and E-Coli, it is known as Energetically Dead Water.

In spite of all the efforts to cleanse and purify your water with the best water purifier such as (Reverse Osmosis, Active Charcoal, Distillation etc.) it will remain Energetically Dead and will still transfer the poisonous "Information" such as heavy metals to your body. A chemical known to cause cancer.

To sum it up for you, it is not only the actual chemical substance that affects your body in a negative way, but the toxic frequencies left behind after using the best water purifier available.

Revitalized Living water is The Best Water Purifier

Revitalized Water passes through a Vortex which Restructures the molecules to it's Natural Living State, giving it Superior Quality and is Instantly Absorbed in your body.

Thanks to the intriguing work of the Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger and his extensive research. He discovered that all natural processes were governed by a process he called "Implosion".

Through the powerful act of Implosion with the Vortex Water Revitalizer Structuring Unit, the water is naturally Restructured, Re-Energized and Restored to it's Natural, Vibrant, Energetic State regaining it's life force.

Benefits Of Restructured Water

1. Water becomes alive and fresh

2. Superior absorption

3. Tastes great, no sloshing in your stomach

4. Efficiently transports nutrients and oxygen to your cells

5. Removes toxins, slows the aging process and prevents disease

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